Kasiak Island


This island is the most north of the small islands in the Pariaman's territory.  Despite being 2.5 hectares, Kasiak Island has no habitants. Like the other islands, Kaiak Island is 2 miles away from the mainland and takes 20. minutes by fishing boat to get there.  It is relatively flat of 0-5% from the sea surface with the white and clear sand. This island is still natural and good vegetation.

Coconut trees are one of the most imported plants of this island.  When the storm occurs, fishermen's shelter will be in this island. There is a light house tower as a com- pass of the fishermen. Based on the conditions of the island, it has potentials to be developed for tourism activities such as sailing, swimming, diving, camping, peeping turtle laying eggs, performing a research, trekking, sightseeing and sunbathing while searching sea animals.