Cermin Beach


Cermin beach located in the village of Karan Aur, about 1.5 km south of the city.  The beach has an incline of 0-2% that is shaded by pine and coconut trees. This beach has a beautiful landscape with unforgettableviews. Relaxing on this beach with your golden sand beneath your feet is an enjoyable way to spend your vacation. Tourism facilities are readily available here and everything is safe. There are good restaurants which sell the unique fish curry and other seafood with a specific spicy, but sweet flavor. In addition fresh drinks and juices made with all natural fruits are plentiful!  This beach is usually used by local people for camping and relaxing.

On this beach there is a dedicated park for Anas Malik or local leaders who are responsible for governance at the community level. The park is adorned with a row of leafy coconut trees and has a beautiful view of the Indian ocean. You can sit, relax and take in the reds, oranges, purples and pinks of a Sumatran sunset in the small bungalows on the beach, cool down with the sea breeze coming in and let the children play safely.

There is a new attraction for the kid into the beach mirror called "Pariaman House Tree" made by the government of Pariaman to attract the Kids. This kids playground is free. So the society could take their Kid here for fun.