Angso Duo Island


Angso Duo Island is just one island in a chain of uninhabited white sand islands situated 15 minutes from Pariaman's majestic Gandoriah beach Famous for its sea turtles, dolphins, coral reefs, and littoral forests, Angso Duo Island provides a sense of tranquility and wonder for allĀ  visitors.

Angso Duo Island is known as the "Island of Wishes". Legend has it that anyone who walks around the Island will be granted a wish, a legend that locals very much believe in. While on Angso Duo Island, tourists are recommend- ed to visit the historic tomb of Katik Sangko, a relative of Sheikh Burhanuddin, propagator of Islam to the Minangkabau people. The long tomb extends 4.5 meters and is steeped in Islamic history.

Getting there is easy! Simply purchase your boat tickets at the Muaro harbor, conveniently located at the Northern end of Pariaman's Gandoriah beach. For your convince, the ticket includes accident insurance